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Publishing success for MA dissertation

02 February 2012 |

Postgraduate student Alice Jowett has celebrated completing her MA by having a paper based on her dissertation published in the International Journal of Educational Development.

Alice, who graduated in 2010 from the MA Development Studies and Education, was awarded a distinction for her dissertation ‘Paths to Scaling-up through Replication: An Educational Perspective’.

With the aid of diagrams, Alice’s dissertation dissected four known paths to replication to explore their advantages and disadvantages in the light of current development thinking.

As a result of these discussions, Alice highlighted the importance of introducing a new path and coined the term ‘Network replication’. As the dissertation supervisor, Caroline Dyer (Reader in Education Development in the School of Politics and International Studies) offered to work with Alice to produce a journal article. She suggested the paper would perfectly fit the remit of IJED.

The paper, with Alice as lead author was then jointly developed. The material in the dissertation was stripped back to concentrate on this new fifth model of replication, develop the theoretical framework, and work up a stronger and more critical angle on the need for this new pathway.

Alice, who has now embarked upon a PhD in POLIS comments, “Knowing that assignments written during your MA are potentially publishable really gives you something to aim for. There is a big difference between an essay and a journal, particularly in the focus and use of language.”

She adds “Being published at this stage in my PhD has made a big difference to me; it’s such a confidence boost and really helps in terms of understanding the academic side of things, which is great seeing as that’s where my future career will hopefully lie”.

Having worked with Alice throughout the process, Caroline adds “As soon as I read Alice’s dissertation, I recognised it as something important which we needed to highlight. I really enjoyed the mentoring experience.”

The paper “Jowett, A., Dyer, C., Scaling-up successfully: Pathways to replication for educational NGOs. Int. J. Educ. Dev. (2012), doi:10.1016/j.ijedudev.2011.12.002” was published online on 28 January 2012.

Alice is now working towards her PhD which is titled "Education for All? Opportunities, Influences and Participation in rural Rajasthan, India".

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