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London Riots 2011

16 August 2011 |

London Riots 2011

In an analysis of the recent civil unrest in UK cities, Dr Victoria Honeyman suggests that the riots were "not even race-related".

In a detailed analysis of the current civil disturbances, in particular the London Riots, the International Business Times sides with Dr Victoria Honeyman, Lecturer in British Politics as she suggests that the riots were not in fact race related but were more to do with 'lawlessness encouraged by a rather 'hands off' approach to policing in the early days of the riots'.

In a recent Daily Telegraph feature Toby Young wrote: “What’s so depressing about tonight’s outbreak of public disorder is that it indicates that little or no progress has been made when it comes to relations between the police and the local African-Caribbean population, particularly the local youths.”

However, Honeyman counters: “The shooting of Mark Duggan by police, which led to the peaceful protest out of which this violence was born, has really just provided these people with an excuse for theft and violence.”

She adds: While there may be underlying issues of exclusion and poverty in the affected areas, these riots are not caused by them.”

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