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Dr James Worrall on Aljazeera’s Inside Story - UAE: Arming up with mercenaries

19 May 2011 |

Dr James Worrall provides comment on the Inside Story programme on what possible risks could have motivated the UAE to hire outside help.

With confirmation that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has hired the founder of the controversial US security company Blackwater to set up a parliamentary force of foreign mercenaries in a supposed $529m deal, Aljazeera’s Inside Story discusses.

This short programme features Dr James Worrall, Teaching Fellow at the School of Politics and International Studies, whose research interests lie in security studies and international relations, with specific interests in western relations with the Arab world and Gulf security.

The programme also includes Abdulhadi Alajmi, the board secretary of the Kuwait Historical Society and Phyllis Bennis, a fellow at the Institute of Policy Studies.

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