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Interim Report - Is the European Parliament an Environmental Champion?

26 January 2009 |

Dr Charlotte Burns and Professor Neil Carter presented an interim report on the findings of their ESRC funded project to invited guests at a practitioner seminar in the European Parliament in Brussels.

The meeting, held on 20th January 2009, was attended by MEPs, political group staff, members of the EP secretariat, external consultants and lobbyists. In a lively and enjoyable session Burns and Carter presented their methodology and findings to date on their funded project 'Is the European Parliament an Environmental Champion?'and then received feedback and suggestions on how to refine their approach, some further explanatory variables and some future avenues of research.

Enquiries should be directed to Dr Charlotte Burns, POLIS, University of Leeds, LS2 9JT, email c.j.burns@leeds.ac.uk

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