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POLIS Lecturer Awarded £70,000 Research Grant

19 November 2007 |

POLIS Lecturer Awarded £70,000 Research Grant

Professor Caroline Dyer has been awarded a research grant of Rs. 7.4 million (about £70,000) by the Social Initiatives Group of the ICICI Bank in India.

This project is a joint initiative with the education NGO Diganter, led by Rohit Dhankar. Caroline and Rohit have collaborated over several years and Rohit recently visited Leeds to deliver a paper for the ESRC seminar series on 'Children as Decision-Makers: cross-cultural perspectives' which we hosted in POLIS earlier this year.

The research project 'Early years literacy in Rajasthan, India: towards more effective teaching and learning practices' focuses on literacy teaching and learning in government schools, which serve the most socio-economically disadvantaged children. Children in these schools show consistently low literacy achievement rates; and teacher disaffection is high. Underlying these trends are important issues of schooling quality and social equity, given that literacy is generally seen as an important key to socio-economic development of individuals and societies. Using an interpretive approach, this research will investigate teachers’ theories of early years literacy teaching and learning and try to understand how they intersect teachers' constructions of children from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds as literacy learners and social actors. The research processes and outcomes will be used to stimulate debate about literacy teaching and learning in Hindi, and provide inputs for teacher education.

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