Faculty of Education, Social Sciences and Law

School of Politics and International Studies

5th Annual Conference of the British International Studies Association working group on US foreign policy

14 September 2010 - 15 September 2010
All day
University House, University of Leeds

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First day programme for the US foreign policy conference

Tuesday 14 September 2010: provisional programme

10.30am: Registration.

12.00: Arrival buffet lunch.

1.00pm: Welcome and Introduction (Great Woodhouse).

1.05pm: Plenary Roundtable discussing Mick Cox and Inderjeet Parmar Soft Power and US Foreign Policy, Routledge 2010. Location: Great Woodhouse. Chair: Jason Ralph (Leeds).

  • Inderjeet Parmar (Manchester)
  • Phil Taylor (Leeds)
  • John Dumbrell (Durham)
  • Stefan Halper (Cambridge)

2.30pm: Coffee.

2.45pm: Parallel Panel Session One.

1A. Prosecuting Foreign Policy in an Age of Limits: The Obama Administration and the Management of Relative Decline. Location: Great Woodhouse. Chair: Graeme Davis (Leeds)
  • Adam Quinn (Bham): The Art of Declining Politely: Obama, his critics and the reality of America’s shrinking global power.
  • Nicholas Kitchen (IDEAS, LSE): Gaining authority by giving it away: Conceptions of Leadership in American Grand Strategy after the Cold War.
  • Trevor McCrisken (Warwick): Justifying Sacrifice: Barack Obama and the Selling of the War in Afghanistan.
  • Lee Marsden (UEA): Obama and Israel-Palestine: A Crisis Too Far.
1B. Historical Perspectives. Location: St George. Chair: Simon Rofe (Leicester)
  • Ashley Cox (Leicester): The Limits of Reason:  Human Rights and the motivations for US entry into World War One.
  • Sam Rees (Swansea): Strategic Realities Vs Moral Values: Jimmy Carter and Human Rights in the Shah’s Iran.
  • James Bilsland (Glasgow): Presidential Agency in US Foreign Policy: Reagan and Nicaragua.
  • Ellen Hallams (KCL): Bending the Arc of History Exploring the meaning of ‘change’ in President Obama’s foreign policy.

4.30pm: Coffee.

4.45pm: PLENARY ADDRESS: Dr.Stefan Halper, Senior Fellow, Cambridge: Thoughts on Obama at Mid-term. Location: Great Woodhouse.

6.30pm: Reception, sponsored by Taylor and Francis. Publications on display.

7.30pm: Late conference dinner.

Programme for Wednesday 15 September 2010

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