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Development Policy Beyond Aid

12 May 2014 | Seminar

Development policy is about more than aid. Aid is important, but trade, migration, investment, environmental, security, and technology policies influence development too. Each year, the Centre for Global Development (the international thinktank http://international.cgdev.org/, not the Leeds interdisciplinary hub http://www.polis.leeds.ac.uk/centre-global-development/about-centre/) publishes the Commitment to Development Index (CDI). This Index assesses what rich countries do to help or hinder development abroad by looking across their policies, beyond development assistance. It's a revealing approach that highlights contradictions in policy thinking, for the UK and other wealthy nations.

We’re delighted that Petra Krylová, who coordinates work on the Index at the Centre for Global Development, has agreed to give a seminar in Leeds about the CDI. This seminar will be a great chance to learn about this work and to think about broader aspects of international development.  Petra will focus on the composition of the Commitment to Development Index and discuss the CDI performance of the UK and Europe as a whole, and together we will think about how the CDI can be used to improve countries' policies.

The seminar will be interactive, with plenty of time to ask questions and share your ideas.

We're very pleased that the session will be chaired by Dr Simon Lightfoot, who will share his reflections on the Index based on his relections on the Index based on his own work on EU development policy.

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