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Out with the detectives: policing Bangkok

07 May 2013 | 6.15pm - 7.45pm | Seminar

Cromer Terrace 14-20, G.03

Few foreigners have had the chance to do fieldwork 'embedded' with the Thai police. This presentation draws on participant observation and interview research conducted in Bangkok during the first few months of 2012.

It examines the methods and practices used by a team of city detectives during near-nightly ‘raids,’ targeted mainly at local slum communities. These raids focused primarily on drug use and petty gambling, often with purpose of arresting a pre-determined number of suspects in order to meet performance indicators set by senior commanders. The research raises questions about the nature of criminal justice as understood by the Thai police, and the high value placed on routine, ritualized arrests which have no obvious impact on levels of serious crime.

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Cromer Terrace 14-20, G.03

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