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Behind the News: Politics of North Korea's Nuclear Programme

14 March 2013 | 5:00pm - 6:00pm | Lecture

Roger Stevens LT 18 (8.18)

Following the third nuclear test in February 2013, the heated-up balance of power on the Korean peninsula is turning red.

As the UN Security Council is setting out on the path of toughening economic sanctions against Pyongyang, the North Korean regime is threatening to use its nuclear arsenal against the United States and the South Korea.

Is peace and security in the region affected? How should these power dynamics be interpreted? Can coercive diplomacy achieve its goals vis-à-vis the secretive state?

These and other related issues will be addressed in a special talk by renowned expert on North Korea and Professor of International Studies Christoph Bluth. Questions and Answers will follow after the talk. All welcome.

Listen again to Christoph Bluth's talk on the Politics of North Korea's Nuclear Programme

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