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How Corrupt is Britain? - University of Liverpool conference

10 May 2013 | 9.30am - 5:00pm | Seminar

University of Liverpool

'How Corrupt is Britain?' will explore the pervasive and multi-faceted aspects of corruption that have dominated public debate in the UK. The outcome of the past two general elections has been influenced profoundly by corruption scandals in parliament. Labour's victory in 1997 took place following a major `cash for questions' scandal. The profligate expenses fraud perpetrated by members all of the major political parties provided the backdrop in 2010 election. There has been a seemingly endless series of corruption revelations covering institutions as diverse as the police, the banks, the arms industry, the media industry and politicians.

Speakers include:
Steve Acheson (Blacklist Support Group) David Beetham (University of Leeds) John Christensen (Tax Justice Network) Deborah Coles (Inquest) Sheila Coleman (Hillsborough Justice Campaign) Penny Green (The International State Crime Initiative) Joanna Gilmore (Northern Police Monitoring Project and University of Manchester) Luke Hildyard (Head of Research High Pay Centre) Paul Jones (University of Liverpool) Paul Lewis (The Guardian) Colin Leys (Goldsmiths University of London) Michael Mair (University of Liverpool) David Miller (Spinwatch and University of Bath) Peter North (University of Liverpool) Paul O'Conner (Pat Finucane Centre) Rizwaan Sabir (University of Bath) Prem Sikka (University of Essex) Steve Tombs (Open University) Hilary Wainwright (Red Pepper and author of `Reclaim the State')  Jorg Wiegratz (University of Leeds) David Whyte (University of Liverpool) Stuart Wilks-Heeg (Democratic Audit)

The conference has been organised jointly by the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies and the University of Liverpool School of Law and Social Justice.

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University of Liverpool

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