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Terrorism, Radicalisation and (Counter) Narratives Conference

26 May 2012 | Conference

University of Leeds, Baines Wing G.36

Introduction and Keynote (9.00 – 9.30)

  • Gordon Clubb, Head of the Terrorism Research Initiative Network (UK)


  •  Professor Caroline Kennedy-Pipe, President of BISA and Director of the Centre for Security Studies at The University of Hull

What Happens to the Terrorists?

Panel 1: Theoretical Approaches to Terrorism (9.30 – 11.00)

  • Liberalism, Terrorism and Counter Terrorism Interventions

By Surekha Talari, St Andrews

  • Understanding Terrorism in the Age of Global Media: A Communication Approach

By Cristina Archetti, Salford University

  • The Rationality of Suicide Bombing in Palestine

By Samantha Cooke,University of Surrey

Panel 2: Radicalisation and Ideology (11.15 – 12.45)

  • “Radicalisation as Practice: a Critical Reappraisal of Counter-Terrorism Orthodoxies”

By Nadya Ali, University of Reading

  • The Feedback Loop of Radicalisation: Rethinking Counter Radicalisation

By Chamila Liyanage, School of Advanced Study, University of London

  • Jihad and Ideology

By Yulia Netesova

Panel 3: Discourse and Narratives (1.30 – 3.15)

  • Playboy, Freedom Fighter and Religious Fanatic: The discursive construction of Osama bin Ladin

By Christina Hellmich, University of Reading

  • The Discourse of Defence: ‘Dissident’ Irish Republican Newspapers and the ‘Propaganda War’

By Sophie Whiting, University of Liverpool

  •  The Discourse of Hamas: 2006-2012

By Nina Musgrave, Kings College London

  •  Critical Discourse Analysis and Terrorism

By Valentina Bartolucci, University of Bradford/Pisa

Panel 4: Counter-Narratives and Counter-Terrorism (3.30 – 5.00)

  • Analysis of Language of Counter-terrorism in Indonesia

By Ali Wibisono, University of Indonesia/Nottingham

  •  'CONTEST: an innovative approach to counter-terrorism and its implications'

By Joshua Skoczylis, University of Leeds

The Terrorism Research Initiative Lecture (5.00 - 6.00)

By Rich Davies, former Director for Terrorism Prevention Policy to the Bush Administration

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University of Leeds, Baines Wing G.36

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