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SEVEN: A documentary play on women's rights

26 March 2011 | Workshop

Conference Room, The Arc: Leeds University Union

The piece SEVEN, a documentary play portraying the lives of seven women around the world fighting for women's rights, is being performed at the University of Leeds. Performances have been done in Turkey, Nigeria, Belgium, the Netherlands, to just name a few....

The performance will be followed by an open discussion with the audience, with input from Dr Polly Wilding, Lecturer in Gender and International Development, School of Politics and International Studies.

SEVEN takes up themes of violence against women, oppression but also courage and hope. These are the women whose stories you will be privileged to take part of:

  • Marina: Started the first hotline for domestically abused women in Russia.
  • Farida: A fighter against the marginalization of women under the Taliban rule in Afghanistan.
  • Mu: A Nobel Peace Prize nominee, fighting against sex trafficking in Cambodia and Thailand.
  • Annabella: A Guatemalan woman who has dedicated her life to fighting for the poor.
  • Hafsat: Whose parents were assassinated due to political motives in Nigeria.
  • Inez: The women's right activist from Northern Ireland, fighting for fair labour practices and social justice.
  • Mukhtar: A woman from Pakistan who was raped in front of her brother and father. Instead of keeping quiet about it, as she was expected to, Mukhtar brought her rapist to justice and became an inspiration for many girls and women around the world.

This performance is part of a series of events and exhibitions celebrating human rights.

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Conference Room, The Arc: Leeds University Union

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