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Horace Campbell Lecture: Between Revolution and Counter Revolution: Lessons from the Obama Phenomenon

08 June 2011 | 6:00pm | Seminar

Old Broadcasting House, Leeds Metropolitan University

Between Revolution and Counter Revolution:Lessons from the Obama Phenomenon

Leeds Metropolitan University School of Social Sciences and the University of Leeds Centre for African Studies (LUCAS) are delighted to announce a lecture by Horace Campbell,  leading activist and professor of African American Studies at Syracuse University, New York.

Professor Campbell writes: There are reverberations of revolution all across Africa with the struggles in the streets of Libya, Morocco, Algeria, and Djibouti. And across from Africa, in Yemen, Bahrain and Jordan, citizens are finding their voices and standing up for their rights. As the revolutionary spirit spread throughout Egypt and North Africa, Mohammed El Baradei used the formulation YesWe Can to point out the new confidence in the spirit of revolution:

“The tipping point came with the Tunisian revolution, which sent a powerful psychological message: “Yes, we can.” These young leaders are the future of Egypt. They are too intelligent, too aware of what is at stake, too weary of promises long unfulfilled, to settle for anything less than the departure of the old regime. I am humbled by their bravery and resolve.”

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Old Broadcasting House
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Leeds Metropolitan University

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