Faculty of Education, Social Sciences and Law

School of Politics and International Studies

Centre for Democratisation Studies Seminar: Democracy in Mexico, Advances and Challenges

03 March 2011 | 4:00pm - 6:00pm | Seminar

Room 9.11, Social Sciences Building

Gustavo Ernesto Emmerich is a full professor of political science at Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, from Mexico City. For 2010-2011, he is an academic visitor to the Department of Government of the University of Essex, UK.   He has provided the following synopsis of his talk:

The situation of democracy in Mexico as recently assessed by a national team of scholars will be the theme. Coordinated by the speaker, the team followed a qualitative approach  for auditing democracies across the world inspired by David Beetham (University of Leeds) and adopted by the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Studies (IDEA, of Stockholm). According to their assessment, Mexico has made significant democratic advances in the past decade, but still faces many challenges to improve the quality of its democracy. My talk will assess the problems involved in deepening democracy in Mexico, and the wider implications for the struggle for democracy world-wide.

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Room 9.11, Social Sciences Building

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