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School of Politics and International Studies

Treading Carefully - Research In the Face of Adversity

28 April 2009 | 12pm - 2:00pm | Seminar

Leeds Social Sciences Institute (LSSI), Beech Grove House

LSSI Research Methods Seminars

Doing research in a conflict zone – a year’s research in Southern Thailand
Professor Duncan McCargo, School of Politics and International Studies

Struggles for land and livelihoods in Egypt and Ghana – should researchers 'take sides' and hold policy makers to account?
Professor Ray Bush, School of Politics and International Studies

Academic and research staff welcome

Professor Duncan McCargo is professor of Southeast Asian politics at Leeds; best known for his agenda-setting work on the politics of Thailand (for which he has an international reputation), he has also done fieldwork in Cambodia, Indonesia and Japan. His latest book is Tearing Apart the Land: Islam and Legitimacy in Southern Thailand, Cornell University Press 2008.

Professor Ray Bush has worked in and on Africa and the Near East for more than 25 years.  He is co chair of Review of African Political Economy and his most recent book is Poverty and Neoliberalism:  Persistence and Reproduction in the Global South (Pluto Press, London 2007).  He is currently researching the impact of gold mining in Ghana and land reform in Egypt.

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Beech Grove House is the detached building facing the main entrance to the Student's Union.

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