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Political Theory

Security, Development and Democracy

Research in this area is crucial to the ongoing process of rethinking how governments respond to the human and international security challenges posed by globalisation and its consequences.

Security, Development and Democracy Seminar Series

08 September 2009 | Seminar

Semester One

Holding people accountable in International Relations
Wednesday 14th October, 3pm - 4.30pm, Room 11.14 Social Sciences Building
Speaker: Jamie Gaskarth, Lecturer in International Relations, University of Plymouth

European democracy promotion and human rights in the Middle East
Workshop co-hosted by the University of Birmingham
Friday 16th October, 9.45am - 3.30pm, Beech Grove House

Africom, Obama and the Militarization of Africa
Wednesday 4th November, 3.30pm - 5pm, Rupert Beckett Lecture Theatre
Speaker: Daniel Volman, Director of the African Security Research Project in Washington D.C. and a member of the board of directors of the Association of Concerned African Scholars

The paradoxes of (Neo) Liberalism: How the Financial Crisis is being framed for Public Consumption
Wednesday 2nd December, 3pm - 4.30pm, Room 11.14 Social Sciences Building
Speaker: Grahame Thompson, Professor of Political Economy, Open University

Democratization in Africa: Retrospective and Future Prospects
4th - 5th December
Two-day workshop POLIS & LUCAS with EADI, ROAPE, Taylor and Francis

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