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Nationalist Resistance and Violence in the Middle East

04 February 2009 | 4:00pm - 6:00pm | Seminar

Rupert Beckett Lecture Theatre, Michael Sadler Building

Part of the Security, Development and Democracy Seminar Series 

This seminar brings together two leading experts on the politics of the Middle East, both of whom have specialist knowledge of the politics of Hizbullah and more generally of violent politics in the Middle East and its international ramifications.

Speaker: Prof. Augustus Richard Norton, Boston University
Speaker: Dr. Larbi Sadiki, Exeter University
Discussant: Prof. Clive Jones, University of Leeds

Abstract - Professor Norton -  Hezbollah's worldview, its narrative of resistance, and its audiences.

Hezbollah, the leading Shi'i party deserves blame for heightening sectarian tensions in Lebanon, especially since 2006, yet in a country noteworthy for patronage, factionalism, and clan politics, the group has also been notably successful in winning adherents to its worldview, and particularly its argument for resistance. I plan to assess the reasons for Hezbollah's success, in contrast to the less successful trajectories of many of its adversaries. In addition, it is relevant to consider the proposition that the ethos of resistance is indispensible to Hezbollah's survival. 

Abstract - Dr Larbi Sadiki -Democratisation vs. Muqawamah or Resistance - The case of Hizbullah.

"When considered in its Lebanese-Shi'ite setting 'democracy' competes with an equally, if not more ubiquitous and accepted, concept:
'muqawamah' or resistance. How do these two concepts intersect in Hizbullah's political rhetoric? To answer this question, I shall attempt to examine the dialectical relationship of the two concepts. In so doing, I shall, similarly, explain how 'muqawamah' and 'democracy' are being synthesised as integral to a broader 'emancipatory' moral project that Hizbullah has been promoting."

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