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Democratization in Africa: Retrospective and Future Prospects

A list of papers submitted by Conference Delegates is available (downloading papers requires login).

Papers will be organised into panels, with the following themes likely to be included:

  • Voting, Parties and Identity: Africa's Curse?
  • Multi-Party Elections and Violence: Solution or Cause?
  • Decentralisation and Federalism: Effective or Failed Strategies?
  • Democracy in Post-Conflict Societies: A Sensible Choice?
  • Democracy & Traditional Authority: Compatible or Mutually Exclusive?
  • External Agents: Facilitators or Obstructionists?
  • Democracy as Second Liberation: Procedural or Substantive?

Date for submission of full accepted papers (7000-9000 words) 16 November 2009.

Democratization Journal

The conference organisers, Prof. Gordon Crawford and Dr. Gabrielle Lynch, intend that selected papers will be published in a journal special issue on the topic of Democratization in Africa.

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