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School of Politics and International Studies

Creating a space for young women's voices: Using 'participatory video drama' in Uganda

28 January 2009 | 4:00pm | Seminar

Room 9.11 Social Sciences Building

Leeds Development Studies Seminar Series

Speaker: Louise Waite, School of Geography 

This presentation will draw upon research that explored the experiences of young women in relation to sexual health in Uganda with a view to enhancing gender-sensitive strategies.

The phrase 'participatory video drama' has been coined to describe the methodology that the young women participants in the research chose and co-produced with the researchers. The aim of this presentation will be to argue that 'participatory video' (PV) and 'participatory video drama' (PVD) are innovative methodological tools to utilise when working with participants who experience voicelessness in their everyday lives. It will be suggested that the process of PV provides a platform for participants to express their experiences. PVD further creates spaces for the performative exploration of embedded power relations and is therefore informative and has the potential to be transformatory and empowering.

Location Details

Room 9.11 is on the basement level of the Social Sciences Building.

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