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Rethinking Islamic cultures today

24 January 2008 | 5.15pm | Seminar

Rupert Beckett Lecture Theatre

Professor Mohammed Arkoun, Emeritus Professor, La Sorbonne

The lecture will be followed by a reception at the School of English.

This event is co-sponsored by the School of Modern Languages and Cultures, the Centre for African Studies, the South Asian Studies Seminar, and the School of English. Organised by Dr Katherine Brown (School of Music), Dr Ananya Kabir (School of English) and Dr Kamal Salhi (School of Modern Languages and Cultures).

Mohammed Arkoun is Emeritus Professor of the History of Islamic Thought, La Sorbonne, Paris, Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Ismaili Studies, London, and Officer of the French Legion of Honour. A highly eminent scholar of Islamic history and culture from the medieval to the contemporary period, his distinguished academic career has spanned several universities across Algeria, France, and the rest of the world, including UCLA, Los Angeles (1969); Louvain-La-Neuve University, Belgium (1977-1979); Pontifical Institute of Arabic Studies in Rome; Princeton University (1985); Temple University, Philadelphia (1988-90); the University of Amsterdam (1991-1993); the Wissenschaftkolleg in Berlin (1986-87 and 1990); and the Institute of Advanced Studies in Princeton, U.S.A (1992-93). He has lectured widely all over the world, having delivered, for instance, the University of Edinburgh Gifford Lectures 2001/02, entitled Inaugurating a Critique of Islamic Reason. Polyglot, secular, and a modernist and critical voice in the contemporary Islamic world, he is associated with several European initiatives to rethink and reshape the relationship between Europe, Islam, and the Mediterranean world. He is the author of over 40 monographs in Arabic, English, French, Dutch and Bahasa Indonesia, including Rethinking Islam (Boulder, Col., 1994), L'immigration: défis et richesses (Paris, 1998), and The Unthought in Contemporary Islamic Thought (London, 2002).

"Seeing rare beauty, hearing lovely sounds, even a happy man becomes strangely uneasy... perhaps he remembers, without knowing why, loves of another life buried deep in his being."
Kalidasa, Sakuntala

Location Details

From the Social Sciences building exit by the lift or the stairs at this end of the building.  Follow the covered walkway to the right (keep under the covered walkway) and this building is the next one that you come to. The Rupert Beckett Lecture Theatre is located on the corridor where you enter the building.

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