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Happier, fitter and more productive? The political economy of postdoctoral employment at US universities

07 November 2008 | 1:00pm | Seminar

Seminar Room, Beech Grove House

Theory & Applications Research Group, POLIS and Centre for Employment Relations, Innovation and Change, LUBS

Speaker: Brendan Cantwell, Center for the Study of Higher Education, University of Arizona

Abstract: I will discuss the hiring process and labor relations of international postdoctoral researchers in engineering and biology fields at research universities in the United States. The postdoctorate has transformed from a training position to an category of scientific employment and is related to increasing business-like production modes in higher education. Further, with over fifty percent of all postdocs coming from abroad, the postdoctoral is a major point of entry to the United States for highly skilled persons, and postdoctoral employment thus represents a blurring of the boundaries between immigration policy and education policy.

For further information contact Hugo Radice, h.k.radice@leeds.ac.uk.

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Beechgrove House is the detached building located opposite the main entrance to the Student Union.

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