Faculty of Education, Social Sciences and Law

School of Politics and International Studies

American Power and the Prospects for International Order

29 April 2008 | 5:00pm | Seminar

Rupert Beckett Lecture Theatre, Michael Sadler Building

Speaker Dr Simon Bromley, Open University 

The talk considers the US project for reshaping international order after the Second World War.  It examines the degree to which the Bush administration represents a break with that project and it considers various aspects of American power and the different ways in which these operate internationally. The talk will argue that, despite US military primacy, the economic and political realities of contemporary international affairs mean that the United States cannot dominate the international system and can only exercise hegemony if it encompasses the interests of other major powers and economic forces beyond its direct control.

All welcome to attend.

Location Details

The Rupert Beckett Lecture Theatre is located on the Ground Floor of the Michael Sadler Building.

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