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Ageing and Migration, Exploring Intergenerational Relationships and adjustment amongst two generations of migrants from the Soviet Union to Israel

09 April 2008 | 4.30pm - 5.30pm | Seminar

Leeds Social Sciences Institute, Beech Grove House, University of Leeds

Professor Ariela Lowenstein, Head of Center for Research and Study of Aging, Faculty of Welfare and Health Studies, University of Haifa, Israel.

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The immigrant household and family are valuable dimensions for examining adjustment to the host society and life satisfaction. Analyses that focus on variations in living arrangements are particularly useful in generating explanations for the differential adjustment of different generations. Little research has been conducted on the uniqueness of intergenerational relations by means of comparing different types of households as a factor in the adjustment process and life satisfaction among immigrants.

The present research responds to this gap by examining the relationships between different types of living arrangements and the adjustment of the immigrants involved, comparing two generations within a family unit: adult children and their elderly parents. The primary social, familial and personal factors that affect adjustment and life satisfaction of the immigrants were identified. Special attention was devoted to intergenerational solidarity and to social support (informal and formal) as possible resources facilitating adjustment and life satisfaction. 

The Leeds healthy ageing seminar series has been planned collaboratively between Leeds Metropolitan University, The University of Leeds and Leeds Social Sciences Institute. The purpose of the seminar series is to bring together academics, students, service provider.

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