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Professor Kevin Theakston

Professor of British Government; Head of School

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I am the Head of School of Politics and International Studies.

I am a specialist in British government and politics. I have a long-standing interest in Whitehall, the civil service and government ministers, and have written several books on those subjects. British prime ministers are a major focus of my current research and teaching. My latest single-authored book was on the lives and careers of former prime ministers from the 18th century to the present.

I am also interested in constitutional issues and constitutional reform, and in the life and career of Sir Winston Churchill, and have written on those subjects too. Some of my work has a strongly historical character and I am a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society. But I am also regularly interviewed by the mass media about contemporary political issues and developments, appearing on or being quoted by BBC radio programmes, Sky News and many newspapers.

Research Interests

I am currently working on various projects, including: theories of leadership and British prime ministers; the record of the 1945-51 Labour Government; the oratory of Winston Churchill.


My teaching interests cover institutional, constitutional and historical aspects of British government. I teach on undergraduate modules on 'British Politics', 'British Central Government', and 'Prime Ministers and British Politics'. I also teach on the postgraduate module 'Developments in British Politics'.

PhD Supervision

I am currently supervising postgraduate research on the leadership of John Major as prime minister 1990-97; Decentring decision making: Sure Start and New Labour; and the Conservative Party in Opposition 2005-10.

I welcome research applications and proposals on projects relating to British politics and government, political leadership, constitutional issues, and political biography.

Key Publications


Chapters in Books

  • Theakston, K. (2012) ‘David Cameron as Prime Minister’, in Tim Heppell and David Seawright (eds) Cameron and the Conservatives: The Transition to Coalition Government. Palgrave.
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  • Theakston, K. (2008) ‘The Whitehall Model Ministers and Civil Servants in 20th century Britain’, in Anna Gianna Manca and Fabio Rugge (eds) Governo rappresentativo e dirigenze amministrative (secoli XIX-XX), Bologna, Italy, Societa editriceil Mulino.
  • Theakston, K. (2006) ‘Whitehall Reform’, in Peter Dorey (ed), The 1964-70 Labour Governments London, Routledge.
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  • Atkins, J. Heppell, T. and Theakston, K. (2014), ‘The Rise of the Novice Cabinet Minister: The Career Trajectories of Cabinet Ministers in British Government from Attlee to Cameron’, Political Quarterly, forthcoming.

Media Contact Areas

  • British politics and government
  • Political leadership
  • Constitutional issues

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