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POLIS Journal Winter 2014

Welcome to the twelfth edition of our journal that showcases the best of our students' work.

POLIS Journal Vol.12 Winter 14


War for the 21st Century?: Exploring the pre/postmodern conflict in narco-estado
by Hannah Croft

Does corruption create additional challenges for Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in their partnership work with the Cambodian government (in education)?
by Sarah Galvin

Towards Gender Equity in Poverty Reduction: Making the Case for a Social Relations Approach.
by Adele Gatley

Technology: The Great Liberator or the Insidious Oppressor?: Development and the Rise of the Mobile Phone
by Chloe Geoghegan

Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon: A Security Analysis
by Adam Leake

What ontological assumptions underpin David Cameron’s ‘modernisation’ of Conservative Party welfare policy?
by Jack Newman

Quality Formal Schooling in Marginalised Regions: Embedding Social Justice in Education
by Alison Shepherd

Beyond ‘classical’ counterinsurgency: Modelling the Indian experience
by Alexander Waterman

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