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An occasional journal showcasing a selection of the very best essays and papers by the graduating students of the University of Leeds' School of Politics & International Studies.


This issue would not have been possible without the excellent editorial work carried out by Slawomir Raszewski, a current PhD student in the School.

Slawomir Raszewski


Funding for this project was provided by Dr. Simon Lightfoot's University Teaching Fellowship.

Dr Simon Lightfoot

POLIS Journal Winter 2010

Welcome to the fourth edition of our new journal that showcases the best of our postgraduate taught students' work.

POLIS Journal Vol.4 Winter 10


Discourse of the Dammed: A study of the impacts of sustainable development discourse on indigenous peoples in the Brazilian Amazon in the context of the proposed Belo Monte hydroelectric dam, by Alexa Bingham.

Challenges in implementing a mother tongue-based languagein-education policy: Policy and practice in Kenya, by Kagure Gacheche.

The EU's energy security dilemma with Russia, by Henry Helén.

Paths to Scaling-up through Replication: An Educational Perspective, by Alice Jowett.

Implications of the 2008-2009 global economic downturn for rural livelihoods in the Kyrgyz Republic, by Denis Kovalenko.

Zionism: A Critical Account 1897-1948. The Development of Israel and the Exodus of Palestine from A "New Historian" Perspective, by Babak Mayamey.

What are the implications of the 21st century?s global economic downturn for the European Union? The case study of the role of European financial institutions in managing the economic downturn: is there a need for new institutions? By Margus Mith.

An analysis of civilian, military and normative power in EU foreign policy, by William Trott.

Does the Pursuit of Energy Security Drive Resource Wars in Africa? The Niger Delta in the Energy Security Nexus, by Daniel Christopher Watson.

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