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An occasional journal showcasing a selection of the very best essays and papers by the graduating students of the University of Leeds' School of Politics & International Studies.


This issue would not have been possible without the excellent editorial work carried out by Marijan-Benedict Hubert and Slawomir Raszewski, two current PH.D. students in the School.


Funding for this project was provided by Dr. Simon Lightfoot's University Teaching Fellowship.

Dr Simon Lightfoot

POLIS Journal Winter 2009

Welcome to the second edition of our new journal showcasing the best of our postgraduate taught students' work.

POLIS Journal Vol.2 Winter 09


Neoliberal Economic Policies and Post-Conflict Peace-Building: A Help or Hindrance to Durable Peace? By James Ahearne, MA Conflict, Development and Security.

The Failure of Self-Reliance in Refugee Settlements, by Meredith Hunter, MA Conflict, Development and Security.

Is the Deradicalisation of Islamist Extremists Possible in a Secular Society Such as Britain? By Sarah Johnson, MA Terrorism and Security.

Sustainable communities: the role of global citizenship education, by Alison Leslie, MA Development Studies and Education.

Grievances in Bougainville: Analysing the Impact of Natural Resources in Conflict, by Jack Linnett, MA Conflict, Development and Security.

Political Corruption in Russia: An Evaluation of Russia’s Anti-Corruption Strategies, 1991-2009, by Michelle Man, MA International Studies.

The Great Lakes Refugee Crisis and the Dilemma of Contemporary Humanitarianism, by Victoria Passant, MA Conflict, Development and Security.

What Are the Gender Implications of the Bolivarian Revolution? Liberation, Equality and Gender in Present-Day Venezuela, by Hanna Katrina Rantala, MA International Studies.

Political construction of geography: the US and Russian concepts of Central Asia, by Aijan Sharshenova, MA International Studies.

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