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POLIS Journal Winter 2013

Welcome to the tenth edition of our journal that showcases the best of our students' work.

POLIS Journal Vol.10 Winter 13


“We are atheists. But of course we believe in God”: clarifying the nature of Islam in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan
by Tommy Bajorek

Can there be genuine cooperation between Israel and Palestine over security of The West Bank or will lack of trust generated by political and ideological issues prevent it?
by Tim Baimbridge

The European Union as a regional power and international actor: a coherent approach to the Eastern neighbourhood?
by Niels Bogegaard

Reconceptualising the Right to Education in the wake of the current learning crisis: lessons from Zimbabwe
by Jessica Drury

Rehabilitating Islamist Extremists: Successful Methods in Prison-Centred ‘De-radicalisation’ Programmes
by Marc Jones

Discounting the Environment in the Political Decision Making Process: The Case of the Belo Monte Dam
by Lara Schermer

The Europeanisation of Hungary: Institutional adjustment and the effects of European Union integration
by Ben Wright

To what extent the two generations of Chinese women peasant workers are able to benefit from the factory work opportunities?
by Wei Zhu

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