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This issue would not have been possible without the excellent editorial work carried out by Dr Slawomir Raszewski, a teaching fellow in the School.


Funding for this project was provided by Dr Simon Lightfoot's University Teaching Fellowship.

Dr Simon Lightfoot

POLIS Journal Winter 2012

Welcome to the eighth edition of our journal that showcases the best of our students' work.

POLIS Journal Vol.8 Winter 12


‘Shinga Mushandi Shinga! Qina Msebenzi Qina!’ (Workers be Resolute! Fight On!) The Labour Movement in Zimbabwe 1980-2012, by Joseph Sutcliffe

From national ‘clean hands’ to a local ‘engagement’ approach? UK Members of Parliament experiences in countering the British National Party in their constituencies, by William Allchorn.

Beyond Fuelling the Dragon: Examining China’s Foreign Policy in Sudan from a Constructivist Perspective, by Elizabeth Tadros.

Iran’s foreign policy towards post-invasion Iraq, by Rob Bongers.

Why has China been vilified by the west for its engagement in Darfur and to what extent is this justified? By Rose Macfarlane.

A Theoretical Analysis of the Saudi-Iranian Rivalry in Bahrain, by Kevin Downs.

Can Michael Sata tame the Dragon and Channel Chinese Investment towards Development for Zambians? By Laura Spilsbury.

Engendering Change? An Analysis of How NGOs Work on the Problem of Violence Against Women in South Africa, by Emily Stanley

NATO’s decision to intervene in Libya (2011): Realist principles or humanitarian norms? By Christopher Fermor.

Sudan, the hollow state: what challenges to Chinese policy? By Rose Bradbury.

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