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This issue would not have been possible without the excellent editorial work carried out by Dr Slawomir Raszewski, a teaching fellow in the School.


Funding for this project was provided by Dr Simon Lightfoot's University Teaching Fellowship.

Dr Simon Lightfoot

POLIS Journal Summer 2013

Welcome to the nineth edition of our journal that showcases the best of our students' work.

POLIS Journal Vol.9 Summer 13


The Arab Jews and the Refugee Question: Are the 20th Century Jewish exiles from Iraq and Egypt refugees and if so what outstanding rights are they still due? By Natanel Abramov.

Abandoning Nuclear Power: A Social Constructivist Analysis of Germany’s Response to Fukushima, by Daniel Blackmore.

Is resettlement in a Western country the most viable solution for Protracted Refugee Situations? By Christine Bonney.

Humanitarian Intervention: A Novel Constructivist Analysis of Norms and Behaviour, by Steven Dixon.

Maternal Mortality: Gender and Access to Health Services – The Case of Ghana, by Malin Hagman.

Obama’s Adoption of the Responsibility to Protect: A Constructivist Analysis, by Samuel Andrew John Jarvis.

Are British political Parties converging at the “Centre Ground”? By Madelaine Lee.

Understanding American Christian Zionism: Case Studies of Christians United for Israel and Christian Friends of Israeli Communities, by Samuel Mohr.

A discussion of the selection of Gordon Brown as Labour leader and the impact of the leadership selection process, by Charlotte Taffel.

The Politics of ‘Water Scarcity’ in the Nile Basin: the Case of Egypt, by Laura Parkes.

Locating the Power of the Settler Movement, by James Neidle.

Good Governance in the Post-Soviet South: Testing Theories of the Resource Curse in Azerbaijan, by Dayne Lukas Shaw.

Agenda-setting through the backdoor? The Commission’s use of its power to withdraw, by Joseph Gardner.

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