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Comment at POLIS

    Dr Tim Heppell on choosing Labour party leaders

    As Ed Miliband is elected as Labour Leader, Dr Tim Heppell - Lecturer in British Politics, offers his expert commentary on choosing Labour party leaders, the difficulty in challenging leadership and the victory of Ed Miliband.

    Podcast: Choosing Labour party leaders: accounting for Ed Miliband [MP3: 9MB] [10 minutes]

    Dr Jonathan Dean on feminist activism in the UK

    Feminism is often seen as a passing 1970s phenomenon. However, with the government’s budget cuts predicted to hit women hardest, Dr Jonathan Dean - Lecturer in Political Theory argues that feminist ideas continue to underpin a recent wave of activism in the UK.

    Podcast: Feminist ideas and activism in the UK [MP3: 9MB] [10 minutes]

    Dr Nick Robinson on the role of military video games in politics

    Video games continue to provoke controversy. With the release of the game Medal of Honor, which purports to depict the realities of the ongoing war in Afghanistan, Dr Nick Robinson, Lecturer in Politics and Videogames, offers his expert take on the role of military video games in contemporary politics and asks: what are the implications of allowing the gamer to fight the war on terror?

    Podcast: The role of military video games in contemporary politics [MP3: 9.1MB] [10 minutes]

    Professor Ruth Pearson on Celebrating International Women's Day

    As we celebrate International Women’s Day this 8 March, Ruth Pearson, Professor of Development Studies discusses why after 100 years, this major day of global celebration is as significant as ever.

    Podcast: Celebrating International Women's Day [MP3: 1.7MB] [5 minutes]

    Professor Ray Bush on Egypt’s Popular Uprising

    How do we understand the recent political turmoil in Egypt and what might be the possible outcomes of mass demonstrations for political and economic reform? Ray Bush, Professor of African Studies and Development Politics discusses what lies behind the causes of Egypt’s crisis.

    Podcast: Egypt's Popular Uprising [MP3: 14MB] [15 minutes]

    Dr David Hall-Matthews on Britain's international development budget and overseas aid

     In this age of government austerity, Britain’s international development budget has been spared the cuts. Senior Lecturer in International Development, Dr David Hall-Matthews discusses why overseas aid is still thriving in these hard economic times.

    Podcast: Britain's international development budget and overseas aid [MP3: 8.3MB] [9 minutes]

    Dr Graeme Davies on the implications of the Strategic Defence Review

    As the armed forces begin to deal with the implications of the Strategic Defence Review, Dr Graeme Davies - Lecturer in International Security discusses the consequences of Defence cuts for Britain’s role in the world.

    Podcast: The consequences of Defence cuts for Britain’s role in the world [MP3: 9.MB] [7.5 minutes]

    Volha Piotukh on commemorating the 25th anniversary of Chernobyl

    This year the world will be commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl accident. POLIS PhD Candidate, Volha Piotukh talks about its consequences for the people of Belarus, and the need to appreciate the suffering and the needs of those most affected, drawing parallels with the current situation in Japan.

    Podcast: Commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl accident
    [MP3: 3.2MB] [8.5 minutes]

    Dr Mette Wiggen on the recent terrorist attacks in Norway

    Following the recent terrorist attacks in Norway, Dr Mette Wiggen - Teaching Fellow in European Politics discusses the importance of recognising danger from the extreme right, and critiques the media and the immediate reaction from politicians and commentators on recent events.

    Podcast: Terrorist attacks in Norway [MP3: 6.2 MB] [6.5 minutes]

    Dr Alex Titov on the Russian Presidential election

    Following the Russian Presidential election on 5 March, Dr Alex Titov - Teaching Fellow in Russian Politics and Politics of Corruption talks about the results and their implications for the future of the Russian political system under the newly (re)elected President Putin. 

    Podcast: The Russian Presidential election
    [MP3: 9.3MB] [10 minutes]

    Dr Christine Harlen on the US Presidential Election 2012

    Following the success of Obama in the 2012 US Presidential Elections, Dr Christine Harlen, Lecturer in US Politics and International Political Economy discusses surprising developments in the elections, the impact Obama may have in his second term and how his re-election will affect the US and beyond.

    Podcast: The US Presidential Election
    [MP3: 9.6MB] [13 minutes]

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