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Case Study: Tiffany Casey

MA Conflict, Security and Development

Internship: Leeds City Council

I completed a three week internship at Leeds City Council which surpassed all expectations regarding the experience I gained. I learnt a lot about local politics and the running of councils and being placed in the second biggest council in the country meant I was exposed to a range of important issues that affect so many people.

I was placed with the Liberal Democrat Group Support Office and worked closely with the research team. Everyone was extremely welcoming and went out of their way to make sure I got as much as I could from the experience.

As the internship started in the run up to a full council meeting, I was thrown right into the mix as so much was going on and had to be done. I wrote press releases on behalf of councillors and researched and wrote briefing notes that were put in councillors packs for the meeting.

Working towards the goal of full council meant that I saw a project out from start to finish and felt like I accomplished a great deal. I was invited to attend the full council meeting where I witnessed councillors using my research in debate. It was also very gratifying seeing my press releases used in the Yorkshire Evening Post or Guardian Leeds.

The support staff helped me hone my skills and offered valuable advice about how to structure and present work that I was unfamiliar with. I attended all group meetings and felt included in team discussions, even about sensitive issues. Overall the experience has made me more confident in a busy working environment and increased my knowledge about - not only public sector work, but also media relations, research and communication.

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