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Volunteering: Student Profiles

Views on volunteering from POLIS students:

Bethany Gooding
BA International Relations, 2012 - 2015

"The structure of my course allows me to invest time in other activities like an internship with the Terrorist And Political Violence Association, and volunteering with the West Yorkshire Police in the area of Community and Police Support. These things are important for students because they offer contacts, opportunity for references, and experience of future careers.

"I plan on continuing my work with West Yorkshire Police with an aim to work towards investigative-based work on matters of serious crime, potentially counter-terrorism. I hope to practice the analytical and disciplinary skills I’ve developed in my studies and utilise connections I’ve made by volunteering alongside my studies."

Kate Sully,
BA Political Studies

"I decided to take part in the Access Academy scheme because I thought it would be very beneficial for my cv. I also wanted work experience with young people to help me decide if I wanted to work in that field after uni. My volunteering placement involved secondary tutoring at Carr Manor High School, Leeds.

"Other volunteering schemes I took part in this year included the PASS scheme, another mentoring scheme with first year politics students, and I was involved with developing a scheme which is an extension of the PASS scheme called TAT.

"I found that I could easily find the time to fit these schemes in with my studies. In fact, being busy made me plan my time better and be more productive when I had free time. These schemes were not too time consuming, only a few hours a week at the most, so I would not let the issue of time put you off volunteering.

"I found out about all of these schemes throught my university email; for each scheme I received an introductory email, and there was an informal meeting for each scheme in which I was given more information.

"I very much enjoyed all the voluntary schemes I participated in whilst at university, I found the skills that I developed through these schemes have been invaluable; they gave me the opportunity to meet new people and make my CV really stand out. I would say there really is no down side to participating!

"I have just graduated but I am in fact returning to the univeristy in September to study for a Masters in criminology, I then hope to work for a prison reform charity.

"Even though I am returning to education, I still find the skills I developed through volunteering very useful. I am hoping to gain work experience whilst I am studying and I have found that having experience of volunteering schemes such as Access Academy can be really useful in securing work experience and internships. Taking part in volunteering schemes shows future employers that when you were at university you put in time and effort other than in your studies, and most of all it gives you confidence."

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