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Volunteering student profiles

Volunteering: Getting Started

So, if you feel that you would like to explore volunteering, where could you start?  The University and Leeds University Union have an online database, the Volunteering Hub, which gathers together the wide range of volunteering opportunities which are available. An integral part of Leeds for Life, the database enables you to search for volunteering opportunities which complement your academic studies and support the local community at the same time.

All opportunities on The Volunteering Hub are quality assured to make sure that they are suitable for student volunteers and that the Leeds for Life skills are being enhanced. Projects range from mentoring or tutoring disadvantaged children in Leeds to supporting a huge number of arts, environment, sports, disability and other community groups throughout the Leeds area. For up to date information follow the Volunteering Hub on twitter @LeedsVolunteer or contact the team at volunteer@Leeds.ac.uk.  

The Volunteering Hub can be found at volunteering.leeds.ac.uk

Students in Schools

The University of Leeds has been sending student volunteers in to local schools since 1998. Each year an average of 400 student volunteers support or run a range of exciting projects to help raise the aspirations and academic achievement of children and young people in the community. One school’s data showed that 10-15 sessions of work over an academic year increased the reading age of a child (on average) by 21 months.

Whether you enjoy working on a one-to-one basis, or prefer to be part of team; whether your skills and interests lie in mathematics, textile design, languages, cooking, chess, sports or astrophysics, there is a project for you!

Recruitment occurs once a year after the Easter Break and volunteers need to be able to commit to a minimum of 10 sessions, for more information please email sis@leeds.ac.uk

Leeds for Life

If you have your own idea for a community project you can apply for funding from the Leeds for Life Foundation which provides financial assistance to make your plans a reality. The Leeds for Life Foundation helps students make the most of their time at University. If the project fits in to the spirit of Leeds for Life and will help develop your skills then apply for a grant to make it happen. The extraordinary achievements of student volunteers are celebrated each year at the University’s Leeds for Life Citizenship Awards. For more information see https://leedsforlife.leeds.ac.uk

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